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Our Goal

In the olden days martial arts was learnt by all since there was no education given to all the different classes of people. They learnt these skills for their livelihood and protection. Even the upper class group, who were encouraged to study, also got to learn these skills.  Hence this was taught everywhere in a country. But now-a-days people are busy at their workplaces and there are hardly places or spaces where these are taught. We have separate schools and institutes that encourage people to learn these skills and the main aim of these institutions is to make a person face any type of situation with guts and confidence. This is what the main focus of this skill is. Learning this skill helps a person manage and handle any type of emergency and danger situation and he will be able to escape it without any troubles. More than this, it is not just for the person alone, but he will also be able to help the others in need, at times of emergency. Generally people hesitate to move forward and extend their hands for help when there is a dangerous situation for the fear of getting hurt. But a person who is an expert in martial arts will volunteer to help people in troubles for he not only gets to learn the skill but also learns to be self-defensive and more confident.

Apart from this, martial arts, as stated above, will help a person in finding cure for some of his common health problems. Some of the common problems of allergies and asthma have a very good remedy here and practicing this regularly will keep the body shielded from deadly diseases. A person who is healthy is a person free of diseases. And this is very much possible through martial arts.